Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Beginnings

Spring officially arrived on the pond this week, but remembering that we're in Maine doesn't mean that we're picking tulips just yet. What the arrival of spring does bring is the onslaught of renewed energy and the excitement of things to come. We know that soon the ice will melt off the pond - in fact there are many "Ice Out" parties had in that honor.

Once the ice melts, that will bring all of the summer birds back we so miss all winter long. I feel particularly thrilled when I hear the loons begin their mating calls in their first nights back home. The calls are entrancing and quite magical, and fill your heart with the spirit of love. Give it a listen (click title for audio clip) and let your mind wander to a warm spring evening, sitting out on the dock. Perhaps you've even had the great fortune to see the loons swimming nearby as we have. The speed at which they swim underwater is amazing.

Of course getting the cottage ready for visitors now seems much more important than it has all these long slow winter months. We must empty out the closets of boots and hats and coats to make room for life jackets and water shoes and paddles. Yes indeed, spring certainly is a season of renewed energy. For that I'm thankful I enjoyed the quiet restful months of winter, building up a reserve; as there is much to be done at the cottage this spring.