Monday, March 30, 2009

Chipmunk in the Window

Yesterday was what I used to long for in a Sunday afternoon. When everything was bustling and we had to go here and do this and then that, I longed to be able to just sit and listen to the rain hitting the window, on a Sunday afternoon. Such was our day yesterday, and while I am thankful for the peace and quiet, there was a moment that made me think that perhaps it was just a bit too quiet.

Sitting in the rocker facing out toward the still frozen pond, with my feet up on the hearth, reading a great mystery novel; I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. First I checked for the cat and then the dog and they were both peacefully sleeping away in the immediate vicinity. Slowly I turned my head so I could see out of the side window, and there sat this fat and sassy little chipmunk just staring at me as if to say, “How you doin’ Mrs. D? Did you miss me?”

That of course set off a whole round of thoughts in my mind about all the trouble these cute little rodents have caused over the past few years. First is the fact that they are smart enough to know where the cat and dog can see them but not get to them. They will purposefully sit on the back step that is just outside of the French doors, eating an acorn or some other morsel. Knowing full well that they are out of harms way, and that with any luck they will be spotted by either the cat or the dog or on a good day; both. They love it when the dog gets racing from one window to the other, barking her high pitched “I see you and I’m going to get you” bark.

We’ve had things knocked off the shelves in the basement by these little critters. We’ve had our cable TV wires chewed nearly through, holes dug in all sorts of places one doesn’t want holes in and of course torturing the animals with their loud screechy chatter when they dare to venture into the basement.

We’ve tried to use natural repellents with no visible response. In fact I think I heard that guy yesterday laughing at me, saying “Nice job Mrs. D, sprinkling those deer urine crystals around was amazing – really sacred us away, ha-ha-ha. Putting out mouse traps was really a waste of time too – as you can see. And by the way, good choice not using that bar bait stuff, as your fat cat would have just eaten it.”

Perhaps this year I should try reverse psychology tactics. Maybe we should make them pets of sorts, kind of like those little chipmunks in the cartoons. If we aren’t working so hard to get rid of them, just maybe they will tire of the game and go somewhere else more fun. Doubt that it will work, but short of calling the exterminator; it may be worth a try. After all, what else have I to do while I wait for Ice Out and all of the springtime activities that await us here at the cottage? Alllllllllvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiinnnnn!