Friday, May 15, 2009

Beachcomber's Delight

We went out to one of our favorite cove's yesterday. Knowing it is still early in the season by Maine standards, we were rewarded with a significant bounty of treasure as you can see. Our daughter, who lives in Canada; was down for a few days and joined us for a sunny afternoon of beachcombing followed with a lovely picnic lunch.

Now that my jewelry endeavor is official and Lisa-Marie's Made In Maine of Bath is carrying my pieces; I was on a hunt for more seaglass and was richly rewarded in my quest. My husband is making sea treasure boxes this spring, so his efforts turned searching for the stuff one finds washed up on shore.

We felt like we had struck it rich upon pooling our take at the end of the day. I sorted the seaglass by color and then by size to add to my existing stash. Found an interesting piece of aquamarine colored glass that I hadn't run across before, so that was especially exciting. I wonder if I'll ever find red? I get so excited to find cobalt but red might just send me over the moon, who knows?

The picnic lunch was a real treat - as eating outdoors usually is, but this day came with a view extrordinaire; as you can see. The splendor of the day wasn't lost on any of us and we soon settled into that contented silence that takes over after all of your sense are full up. You know the feeling . . . all your tensions drain out, and the peace of nature takes over. The rhythm of the ocean's tide lulls your busy mind into a relaxed state. The air cleans out the cobwebs that have been building up over the winter. Just what a body needs, and just in time; as here comes summer! Sure glad we were able to steal away on this day and go out to this wonderful little hideaway; in fact I think it was just what the doctor ordered.

Must get busy at the jewelry bench . . . 'till next time