Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

We are subscribed to the movies-by-mail service as it seems to work well in keeping us entertained relatively inexpensively and we like the convenience. Lately we're over the moon about all things from the history section like the Boleyn Sisters, Henry VIII, and just this week John Adams story. I'm not even sure when I selected the John Adams mini-series, but if there could have been a perfect time to watch it, the week of July 4th would be it.

You know how it is said that you get the messages you need, when you nee
d them? Well, this has proven to remind both my husband and myself of the kind of stock we come from, and that even though things are quite tough in our lives personally, in our country, and in our world; those who came before us saw much tougher times, and managed to endure and come out stronger because of it. Let us all remember that and on this Independence Day, take stock of what makes living in the Land of the Free so special. We are allowed freedoms that so many others around the world would give anything for, and somehow most of us take most of them for granted.

Before this day is out, I plan to spend some time preparing a short list of the things that I can do to be a better American, to be a better citizen of our free country. A country that allows me the freedom to write this very post on my own Blog, about whatever I want. God Bless America! Happy 4th of July!!