Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snowmen In January

When you were a kid, wasn't it a great day when you could go out to make a snowman? When did the desire for that kind of fun go away? Personally, it never did for me; but some folks just don't appreciate the simple pleasures in life - that's for sure. My nephew went outside today and was building a snowman with his dad. I'm telling you, that is one of THE best projects you can do with your kids.

I asked if they had all the fixin's to dress up the snowman and found out they have a snowman kit. Now how cool is that? Everything you need to dress your snowman, all in one box: the hat, scarf, charcoal eyes, buttons, carrot nose and even a heart.

We will definitely have to carry those Snowman Kits in our Classic Cottage Living store! I mentioned it to my husband over lunch, and he immediately began thinking how we could make our own kits. I think we are going to have some really neat stuff in our store - things that we love and evoke memories of great times at the cottage, or camp, or your own back yard! So get out and make your own snowman, times a wastin' . . .