Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today we're getting ready for the big Memorial Day cookout with all the fixins. I think I have everything I need, and am especially excited because I saved so much money at the grocery store with my new source for coupons. The store even doubles any coupons that are under $1.00, which is just extra-fantastic.

I remember when the kids were little, and coupon-ing was all the rage. There were clubs for exchanging your extra ones, newsletters to subscribe to that told you where to find more coupons. It was pretty much a coupon craze. We were on gas rationing then, and I'll tell you; to sit in a line in my Volkswagen Bug for only 10 gallons of gas, seemed like a huge waste of time. Besides the fact they were long lines; it was more bothersome because I could be coupon-ing instead, for Pete's sake!

You looked in every magazine and every paper that come into your clutches, even pawing through the newspapers stacks from the neighbors, just in case they missed any good ones.

So here we are 30+ years later, we still sit in lines when one of the stations has lowered gas prices below what the competition is offering, and yes still collect coupons. But this time we have the INTERNET! We can get them online and don't have to waste time scouring pages and pages of magazines in hopes of finding one.

In fact I just found this wonderful site that connects me to the manufactureres of the products I'm going to buy, along with their latest coupon offers. I loved it so much, I even put a banner on my homepage for this Blog and my marketing website. This way I can just click through, choose which ones I want to print off, and viola'; here they come - hot off the press. Now that my friends is progress! To all my fellow coupon-ers out there - Happy Couponing!