Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When You're Hot, You're Hot

Do you remember aluminum cups or tumblers as they were sometimes called? I do, with the most delicious memory one could have. When it was really hot outside, Mom would give us a glass of lemonade or Kool-aid in an aluminum cup, and nothing could beat how good that cup made our drinks taste.

In fact I loved it so much, when I recently saw a place that carried these wonderful marvels of modern day manufacturing, and I had (that should be in capitol letters) to get a set of them to share with my children and grandchildren.

Now that we're adding products to our web-store, you can bet that I'm going to find a distributor for these precious gems, and have them for next summer's round-up! Don't be fooled by the ones that are silver inside, 'cuz they are just impostors! The ones I remember had color outside and inside, and man 'o man, they did the best job one could ask to refresh you after playing long and hard in the hot days of summer.

Enjoy the memory (if you have one) and if not, stay tuned as I WILL find them to add to our website! On that note, go get a tall glass of something cold, and enjoy ~ Cheers, Ahhhhh!


  1. Interesting. Pure aluminum cups to keep your beverages extra cold and refreshing. Definitely a new memory for me to make and embrace with my children. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. P.S. Makes perfect sense as one ponders further, why else would soft drinks be manufactured in 12 fl. oz. aluminum cans? I look forward to checking back your web-store next summer if you ever get a hold of a good distributor of these priceless aluminum cups. :)